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Trailer Estates Boat Slips Available at:

6820 American Way
Bradenton, FL 34207
Trailer Estates District Office: 941-756-7177

Other Services: Fresh Water, Electrical Power, Fish Cleaning Station, Ramp, and Repair Service at INNOVATION MARINE, 941-737-6707

Rental Rates

All rates displayed are BEFORE tax/WITH tax

Property Owner and Resident Renter Rates

20 FT. Slips6 Month$272.87/$287.88
12 Month$496.13/$523.41
24 FT. Slips6 Month$327.44/$345.45
12 Month$595.35/$628.09
26 FT. Slips6 Month$354.73/$374.24
12 Month$644.96/$680.44
30 FT. Slips6 Month$409.30/$431.81
12 Month$744.19/$785.12

Non-Property Owner Rates

20 FT. Slips6 Month$891.37/$940.40
12 Month$1620.68/$1709.82
24 FT. Slips6 Month$1099.96/$1160.46
12 Month$1999.94/$2109.94
26 FT. Slips6 Month$1192.13/$1257.70
12 Month$2167.52/$2286.73
30 FT. Slips6 Month$1364.34/$1439.38
12 Month$2480.63/$2617.06
  • $25.00/$26.63 Repositioning of boat from one slip to another each occurrence.
  • Rates effective 11/6/23 (tax display updated 12/01/23)