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Storage Lot

Trailer Estates Storage Lots are available for residents.

Access is through a roll gate located next to the TE Maintenance Shed located at:

68148 Canada Boulevard
Bradenton, FL 34207

Trailer Estates District Office: 941-756-7177


Effective 11/6/23 - Displayed before tax/with tax

Property Owner and Resident Renter Rates

Lot SizeTime FrameBase Price/Tax Included
18 FT Lot6 months$141.89/$149.69
 12 months$257.99/$272.18
20 FT Lot6 months$157.66/$166.33
12 months$287.65/303.47
24 FT Lot6 months$189.19/$199.60
 12 months$343.98/$362.90
30 FT Lot6 months$236.49$249.50
 12 months$429.98/$453.63
40 FT Unpaved6 months$315.32/$332.87
 12 months$573.30/$604.83
40 FT Paved6 months$333.51/$351.96
 12 months$606.38/$639.73
50 FT Lot6 months$416.89/$439.82
 12 months$757.97/$799.66

Canoe/Kayak Rack:

These "with tax" rates are based on the current Florida Sales Tax rate of 5.5% and are suject to immediate change if/when Florida Sales Tax is changed.