On December 6th the Board of Trustees will ask you to return a “YESvote on the following Referendum Question:

 Shall the Trailer Estates Park and Recreation District Charter be amended as described in Resolution 2022-05, to amend the requirements for adopting the budget and levying assessments?

                           YES      _____

                          NO        _____

 A “YES vote would allow Adopting a Budget and Assessment on or before July 1st with the intent of the board to complete and adopt before May 1st allowing for participation from property owners during peak residency.

 A “NO” vote, or not completing the question at all, would leave the Adoption of the Budget and Assessment until as late as September each Year


Welcome to Trailer Estates Park and Recreation District (Welcome Package). We are a deed-restricted 55+ mobile home community with over 1,250 privately-owned properties. Located in Bradenton, Florida, between U.S. 41 and Sarasota Bay (map), the District provides numerous activities, facilities, and services for residents. Please read more about us and learn about our recreational opportunities and our great community.


TJ Miller
Custodian of Public Records
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You can also visit us at:

1903 69th Avenue West
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Phone Number: 941-756-7177
Email: trailerestates@trailerestates.com

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Monday-Friday: 9:00-Noon and 1:00-3:00 unless otherwise posted

Closed on holidays

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